RE/MAX Twin City - Charlotte Zawada

Contact Information
901 Victoria Street North , Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3C7, Canada
Detailed Information
Listing Description

Real Estate Agent; Provides real estate assistance to buyers of real estate and to sellers of real estate.

Fee Schedule

Depends on service; free to ask questions;
Working with buyers there is no cost; listing brokerage pays buying brokerage;
The only time the conversation around fees is when sitting with the sellers;
No set rate (open conversation).

Payment Options

Through realty brokerage; commission settles when it closes; comission based.

Eligibility Requirements

N/A; sometimes phone calls are just about education.

Questions You May Be Asked

Depends on where you are at in the conversation; early on would inquire about simpler things like qualifying (have you gone to see a mortgage broker or lender, what type of down payment do you think you have, etc.).

Questions To Ask

Should ask about Charlotte’s history, qualifications, references, etc. There needs to be a good trust and confidence in the representation relationship – it has to be right for both parties.

Things To Note

Will always ask permission to take notes (mostly to remember; e.g., how many bedrooms).

Expected Outcome

Assisting buyers to purchase, assisting sellers to sell and finding the satisfactory outcome. Very broad depending on the service and situation.

Privacy Policy

It’s multi-level. In contract and paperwork, with brokerage, etc. Listing agreement and buyer representative agreement.

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

First go to KW Association of Realtors (consumer complaint;; then to the Real Estate Council of Ontario (

Service Procedure

Initial contact to find out what service is needed, and move forward from there.

Additional Notes

Virtual appointments available in addition to in person (a matter of what client is comfortable with).
Charlotte volunteered with SPECTRUM and has had multiple trans clients, has been referred as a realtor of choice for the LGBTQ2+ community and could even give references.


Licensed Real Estate Agent; REALTOR®
ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative
SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist
CIPS – Certified International Property Specialist

Forms To Complete

For general inquiries, no. Once the representation begins to be established, there is contractual paperwork.

Government Assistance Method

Buyers: first time buyer incentives (land transfer tax may be covered); lawyers look after this component;
Previously, the region was also providing incentives to the down payment (but there were limitations)

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Call, email, text, facebook messenger, contact form, whatever works best.

Contact Name

Charlotte Zawada