Dr. Emily Bennett, ND

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Naturopathic Doctor, additional focus on queer health.

Fee Schedule

Initial Naturopathic Visit: $249
Care Plan Appointment (first follow up with review of Comprehensive Care Plan): $195
Additional follow ups: $105

Sliding scales available: Initial Naturopathic visit $155-$249, Care Plan Appointment: $125-195, Additional Follow Up $80-$105

Payment Options

E-transfer, credit cards

Questions To Ask

Dr. Bennett welcomes and encourages any and all questions.

Things To Note

Dr. Bennett is required to keep medical charts which are stored safely and electronically via secure software. Any requisition of blood work is also noted and stored securely.

Expected Outcome

Depends what client wants to work on; allowing them to find a way to find long term recovery from stress, burnout, and hormones.

Privacy Policy
Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

Complaints can be made to the College Of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO)

Service Procedure

Clients are encouraged to book a free alignment appointment with Dr. Bennett (to ensure working together is a good fit). The initial appointment would be booked, treatment plan would be created (starting broad and becoming more specific to client’s needs). Treatment is centred around finding and resolving the root causes of the client’s concerns as well as relief of any symptomatic issues.

Additional Notes

Completed additional continuing education in Naturopathic Primary Care for Trans Patients. Queer health: http://emilybennettnd.ca/services/queer-health


Completed additional continuing education in Naturopathic Primary Care for Trans Patients.

Forms To Complete

Intake form will be provided

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Book online: http://emilybennettnd.ca/booknow or email
Note: Only virtual appointments

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Dr. Emily Bennett