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640 Riverbend Drive , Kitchener, Ontario N2K 1L9, Canada
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Listing Description

Real Estate Agent

Fee Schedule

Completely negotiable.
The only time a realtor gets paid is when a house is sold and closed.
Even if you only have questions, that is free.

Payment Options

Typically, through your bank (e.g., mortgage), private funding, etc. However you got the finances. Karissa can refer and connect you with sources as well.

Eligibility Requirements

N/A. Karissa highly suggests that you do not need to be ready to buy a house to access services. It is better to meet with a realtor before you’re ready and ask the right questions beforehand to adequately prepare you for when you are ready to buy a home.

Documents To Provide

At point of purchase would need government ID.

Questions You May Be Asked

A lot of what they go into is what are your goals, where do you want to be living, budget, what are you looking for? This doesn’t have to be figured out necessarily; they can help you. All you have to know is that you want to buy a house in the future.

Questions To Ask

What area do you work in most frequently? (e.g., Kitchener-Waterloo vs. Toronto)

Things To Note

The area you’d like to move into, budget, types of details in the home you’d like (e.g., garage), personal details (e.g., do you have kids) to get to know you and cater their business to your lifestyle.

Expected Outcome

You have all of your questions answered, so you can see yourself buying a house in the future or now. Not everyone is near ready to be buying a house.

Privacy Policy

Available upon request.

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

Straight to the Real Estate Council of Ontario (

Service Procedure

“If client has never bought home: book ~1 hour appointment (during Covid can meet in person or zoom), where get into the nitty gritty of what your goals are, budget, etc. to ensure that when you’re ready you’re looking at the right home. Can sign a buyer’s representation agreement where you’re covered under their insurance.
If client is selling home: home evaluation or market evaluation; comparing your home to homes in area that are sold or active on the market (about half hour appointment). If ready to sell at that point, would get professional photography and staging completed, and professional cleaner.”

Additional Notes

“Myself and our team absolutely support transgender and those currently in transition. The leader of my team actually has a sibling currently in transition. Anyone looking to buy or sell or lease needing safe hands can always give us a call.”
Note: disclosing gender and sexuality is not a requirement. The only time it may come up is if the client is currently in transition and the government issued ID has a different name than the one Karissa knows you by.”


Ontario Real Estate Association Licensed Real Estate

Government Assistance Method

Ontario Home Owners Association (for first time home buyers; government may help with funding for down payment)

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Call, text, email, message on social media (whatever is most comfortable for the client)

Contact Name

Karissa Houle