Knead It! Massage Studio

Contact Information
8 Churchill Street , Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5G3, Canada
Detailed Information
Listing Description

Registered Massage Therapy that provides a safe place where you don’t need to hide parts of your life, the sex of your partner, or worry about being misgendered.

Payment Options

Debit, credit, cash, cheque

Eligibility Requirements

No requirements to access services. Insurance may require a doctor referal for coverage

Questions You May Be Asked

Medical history

Things To Note

Keep notes after each appointment secured electronically, permission prior to any kind of release

Expected Outcome

Hopefully they feel better!

Privacy Policy

Private information won’t be released without client’s permission; Statement posted on the health history/intake form

Complaint Methods

Can contact the CMTO

Service Procedure

Client will make appointment then receive a welcome email with information and intake form. On the day of appointment they will get Covid-19 screening survey. Upon arrival, client will go through side door into the business. Colleen will go through any questions from the intake form and discuss the best treatment option. Client will go into massage room by themself with the instruction to remove their clothes and get covered by the sheets (body parts will always ramained covered unless being worked on). After massage, client will be left alone again to get dressed then will join Colleen to go over payment and possibly book next appointment

Additional Notes

Forms have legal name and preferred name options


Registered Massage Therapist

Forms To Complete

Health History form and covid screening both emailed with secure online submission

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Call, text, email, book online

Contact Name

Colleen McCutheon