Le Prix Fashion and Consulting

Contact Information
657-G Albert St , Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3V5, Canada
Detailed Information
Listing Description

By appointment only. A safe and supportive women’s second-hand fashion boutique focused on fostering sustainability and self-love. Shop online, in store during walk-in hours, or by private appointment. Wardrobe and fashion stylist services available for helping create your best image and build your confidence.

Fee Schedule

$99 – hour (max 4 people)

Payment Options

PayPal, Apple pay, credit card (Visa, MC, Amex), E-transfer, cash, Google Pay, Shopify Pay,

Questions You May Be Asked

There is a style questionnaire to go over client’s measurements, style goals, style icons, fashion fears, etc.

Things To Note

Robyn sometimes makes notes on the style questionaire during the appointment but all notes are for the client

Expected Outcome

For them to leave happier and more confident than when they came in.

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

Can report to Robyn, or to the Retail Council.

Service Procedure

Book a time, establish the goal (fits, colours, exploration, etc). Questionnaire (strengths, weaknesses, what they want to learn), physical example (trying clothes on, sorting clothes and styling, etc.) can provide photos (either client in the photos or not), will be signing if they want photos to be taken of them. Most appointment times run 1-2 hours. Payment taken at the end.

Additional Notes

Le Prix plans to run a shopping event specific to LGBTQ2IA+ shopping experience ; Le Prix offers a customizable shopping experience with a focus on sustainability (they will find ways to work with what you already own and to shop intentionally and consciously).

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Can message through website, email, or any social media, or call/text the phone number provided.

Contact Name

Robyn Hobbs, Stylist