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366 Adelaide Street West , Old Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R7, Canada

Suite 102

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Lawyer who practices in the areas of employment, human rights and administrative law

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Free consultation; fees depend on type of legal problem; some work can be done on contingency (

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All major methods of payment, including e-transfer and credit card

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Nothing upfront. Documents may be requested as part of the process, depending on the nature of the legal problem

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What is the outcome you’re seeking?

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What are my options?

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Does not keep notes of consultations, and does not open a file unless retained

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Consultations are confidential. See also:

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
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If a client has a complaint, it can be sent to Every person who interacts with a lawyer also has the right to complain to the Law Society of Ontario:

Additional Notes

“Lawyer Marcus McCann has deep ties to the LGBTQ community. He represents LGBTQ people in employment, human rights, not-for-profit law, civil litigation, commercial disputes, administrative and regulatory proceedings, privacy matters, and other areas of importance to LGBTQ communities” ” Marcus understands the unique legal issues and challenges that LGBTQ people face. He will work with you, one on one, at every step of your case. He provides thoughtful advice and forceful representation for his clients. In many cases, he can represent you on a contingency basis, where you only pay if and when he successfully obtains a settlement for you.”
Initial consultations are typically done by phone and method of further communication varies to meet needs of clients.


Marcus McCann is a lawyer licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. University of Toronto Faculty of Law graduate.

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Legal Aid certificates are not available for employment, human rights, or most types of civil litigation

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Marcus McCann