Toronto Plastic Surgery

Contact Information
790 Bay Street , Old Toronto, Ontario M5B 2C8, Canada

Suite 410

Detailed Information
Listing Description

Plastic Surgeon – Breast augmentation, top surgery: chest wall masculinization and feminization. Ancillary hair removal/restoration, skin care, body contouring feminization and masculinization, injectables, etc.

Fee Schedule

Insured services through the TRS program at Women’s College Hospital as well as Private services through Toronto Plastic Surgery.

Payment Options

Debit, credit, cash, e-transfer, certified cheque

Eligibility Requirements

Case by case/dependent on surgery
Preferred if patient has seen health professional (RN, Psychologist, GP) but referral not necessary.

Documents To Provide

Health card, but nothing else at time of consult. Supportive letter from health care professional is suggested, not required.

Questions You May Be Asked

Phone screening (more of a conversation about goals and expectations.) If the client wants surgery, looks at time frame, what they are interested in for surgery, etc.

Things To Note

All notes are made on a private, confidential medical record. These notes are taken from the conversation and physical exam during first appointment. Medical history is also taken down.

Expected Outcome

Depends on service, but generally to provide info and educate individuals on their options and how they can access services.

Privacy Policy
Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

24/7 access to practice through staff for medical problem. For concerns about service, online feedback on website.

Service Procedure

First contact/Book first consultation
– Consultation to include: education information and options;
Surgery prep when appropriate;
Provision of informed consent;
Pre-surgical care;
Post surgical follow-up and evaluation.


MD, MEd, FRCSC [also at Women’s College Hospital Transition-Related Surgery Program] Professor of surgery at University of Toronto. Academic appointment at Women’s College Hospital. TRS services offered in private practice and at Women’s College Hospital

Forms To Complete

Typical intake form, and online medical history filled out before first appointment.

Government Assistance Method


Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Fill out form:
or: Use the direct text message service (podium) on the website

Contact Name

Dr. Mitchell Brown