Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Gender Surgery Clinic of B.C – Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre (Dr. Alex Kavanagh)

Contact Information
2775 Laurel Street , Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1M9, Canada

7th Floor Diamond Health Care Centre

Detailed Information
Listing Description

The Gender Surgery Program offers both feminizing and masculinizing procedures consistent with the guidelines established by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

Fee Schedule


Payment Options

Provincial Health Insurance (Medical Services Plan of BC)

Eligibility Requirements

Referral needed from primary care provider ; Client needs to have two completed readiness assessments from Trans Care BC approved accessors

Questions You May Be Asked

Relevant to surgery type

Questions To Ask

Relevant to surgery type

Things To Note

Services ONLY available for residents of British Columbia (and Yukon Territory by arrangement)

Complaint Methods

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority website

Service Procedure

1. Get referral to the Gender Surgery Program of B.C. at VGH
2. Meet with the surgeons for a consultation
3. Prepare for surgery
4. Have surgery and recover
5. Discharge to primary care provider

Additional Notes

Virtual consults are standard prior to the necessary in-person pre-surgical appointments



Virtual And Or Phone Appointments
Forms To Complete

Print, fill out, and fax to 604-875-5075 Lower Surgery Referral Form:

Government Assistance Method

Provincial Health Insurance (Medical Services Plan of BC)

Service Request Method

Client’s primary care provider puts in a referral to the clinic

Contact Name

Dr. Alex Kavanagh