Majd H. Sayed, Expressive Arts Therapy

Detailed Information
Listing Description

Expressive Arts Therapy

Fee Schedule

$60 – $100
Sliding scale (low income, $60-$80)

Payment Options

E-transfer; cannot cover benefits

Documents To Provide

After intake they will go over a service contract and confidentiality.

Questions You May Be Asked

Intake: previous experiences with therapy, history (e.g., suicidal thoughts), medication, etc.

Questions To Ask

Encourages clients to ask any questions they have.

Things To Note

Progress notes: confidential, stored electronically and password protected.

Expected Outcome

To gain a better sense of wellbeing and engagement/connection to the world.

Privacy Policy

Standard statement of confidentiality. Limits of confidentiality include: risk of harm to self or others, legal reasons such as subpoenaed by a judge), otherwise is confidential.

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

Can report to supervisor: Lesley Swartz (Licence #: Ontario/002666).

Service Procedure

Routine intake procedure.

Additional Notes

Non-binary, queer, POC; not taking new clients at the moment (November 2020).


Pre-Licensed Professional; Process of getting registered (November 2020)

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Email through website.

Contact Name

Majd H. Sayed