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Hello! I offer virtual counseling and other supports for adults and youth aged 12+. As a white, neurodivergent, trans, genderqueer pagan with a delayed sleep cycle, I’ve created Night Owl Counseling to be the mutually accessible, anti-oppressive, culturally humble, difference-affirming space I’d always wished for myself.

My skillset goes beyond mental health support, because the mind is interconnected with every other part of us. I can also provide life skills coaching, help with accessing other systems, or even develop a long-term plan for your ideal future.


-Gender identity / finding gender euphoria
-Sexual identity (kink-friendly)
-Healthy relationships & boundaries (poly-friendly)
-Recovery from abusive relationships
-Pagan/marginalized spiritualities
-Burnout (including activist burnout)

Methods (mixed):
-Narrative therapy
-Emotion-focused therapy (individual/family)
-DBT skills
-Trauma-informed somatics (re-establishing a healthy/friendly relationship with one’s body)
-Radical harm reduction

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$50.00 to $100.00
Fee Schedule

As a private counselor and Registered Social Worker, my services are covered by most Extended Health Benefits insurance.
Standard rates are $130/60-minute online session.
Low-cost rates are negotiable down to $50/60-minute online session (limited availability).

Couples/family counseling rates start at $175/90-minute online session.

In-person counseling is by special arrangement only, as an accommodation for disabilities which prevent a person from effectively using online video counseling services. Such sessions start at $150/hour.

Payment Options

Credit card (through the Jane telehealth platform)
E-Transfer is also gratefully accepted!

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone ages 12+ may be eligible for my services. Neurodivergent/disabled folks and/or queer-identified folks are likely to get the most out of my specialized skills.

Documents To Provide

Nothing is required up front. If you decide to book yourself a first full appointment, you will be asked to complete a few signature forms (confidentiality, terms of service, etc) and an optional intake questionnaire.

Questions To Ask
Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Virtual And Or Phone Appointments
Government Assistance Method

Under Jordan’s Principle, an Indigenous child in need of health care must be provided that care first & funding figured out later. As one small way I can honour the 94 Calls To Action, I will begin providing services to any Indigenous youth (whose needs I can meet to a professional standard) immediately & figure out funding later.

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