Sarah Siddiqui, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Detailed Information
Listing Description

Registered Psychotherapist
Particular interest in 2SLGBTQ, BIPOC, sexuality and relationship issues, no couples, developmental trauma, unresolved childhood experiences.

Fee Schedule

$110 + HST Sliding scale: $60 – $110

Payment Options

E-Transfer (no in person counselling is available)

Things To Note

Not during; immediately after, just a brief on the main information covered.

Expected Outcome

Greater understanding of the self; more effective coping mechanisms.

Privacy Policy

Consent form in between phone consult and first session.

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

Contact supervisor: info in consent form, also CRPO (


MEd, RP (Q)

Forms To Complete

Intake form after booking, but before first session.

Government Assistance Method

Psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP, no direct billing but receipts are available upon request for tax purposes.

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Submission form on website:

Contact Name

Sarah Siddiqui (they/them)