Shauna Cake Psychotherapy

Contact Information
489 College Street , Old Toronto, Ontario M6G 1A5, Canada

Unit 308

Detailed Information
Listing Description

Registered Psychotherapist; includes LGBTQ+ matters specialize in sex therapy and couples, and lots of work around gender.
Over 50% of clients identify as gender diverse.

Fee Schedule

Free 15 minute consultation.
$150 +HST/hour ($170 HST inclusive) for individuals.
$199.12 +HST/75 minutes ($225 HST inclusive) for couples, “duos” and constellations of 3 or more.

Payment Options

Everything except debit.
E-transfer and credit for online appointments.

Questions You May Be Asked

Wants to meet the client where they are/ is feelings based.
What is bringing them to therapy?
How the client works best?
What drives the client?

Questions To Ask

Ask anything! Shauna encourages curiosity. Rapport and feeling safe is important: the client needs to feel comfortable.

Things To Note

Takes down bits and bobs during session, with officail records at end of session. Wants to use clients language. Takes clinical notes in Jane App (a secure program).
Video of session/practice is offered on an opt-in basis for couples therapy (CONSENT IS ASKED EVERY SESSION) – these are used for benefit of case. Video is destroyed afterwards.

Expected Outcome

Greater ability to manage ones own nervous system, increase self awareness. In couples work: communication, knowledge, awareness empathy and compassion for both oneself and other members of relationship. Attachment cycle understanding; not prescriptive; no set agenda. Sexuality: psychoeducation (look at shame, contextualize), not pathologizing, come from the perspective of mindfullness. Positivity and lightness=trauma understanding, pain etc. (a balance). Embodied mode of therapy.

Privacy Policy

Standard CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario):

Safe Disclose Gender Identity Sexuality
Complaint Methods

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario:

Additional Notes

Not accepting new clients (December 2020) – will update their website when they are accepting new clients.
Kink affirming and knowledgable.


RP (registration #003647), BA
Trans and Gender Diverse Trainings (ProgramCAMH ECHO) Trans and Gender Diverse Health Care Program – Advanced Topics (February and March 2020)
Sensory motor therapy
Emotion focused therapy (couples based)
Year long anti racism study group
Ongoing sex therapy training

Forms To Complete

Contact form. Consent to service is sent in advance and will talk about consent to service.

Government Assistance Available
Service Request Method

Complete contact form:
Email preferred, call.

Contact Name

Shauna Cake (they/them)