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Canadian Human Rights Commission
344 Slater Street , (Old) Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y3, Canada
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Filing Complaints against public businesses: Anyone who works for or receives services from a business or organization that is regulated by the federal government can make a complaint.

Human Rights Legal Support Centre - Sexual Hara...
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Sexual Harassment and violence: pursuing a claim at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

Ontario Human Rights Commission - Policy on Dis...
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Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Gender Identity

Ontario Human Rights Commission - Policy on dis...
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Policy on discrimination and harassment because of sexual orientation, 2000, revised 2006

Ontario Human Rights Commission - Policy on pre...
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Policy on preventing sexual and gender-based harassment, 2011, Updated 2013

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (HRTO)
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Tribunals Ontario is a group of 14 adjudicative tribunals that play an important role in the administration of justice in Ontario.

Pro Bono Ontario
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Helps Ontarians who have essential legal needs but can’t afford it (cival matters)

Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Exchange
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The Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Exchange (SHARE) Project is a free, confidential service that can help you figure out your options. We offer accurate information, confidential legal advice, and referrals to other supports. We’re here to help. Referrals, legal information, community outreach, legal advice.

Steps to Justice
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Your rights at works as a transgender or non-binary person